We are committed to offering our clients the highest level of service and professionalism in everything we provide. Whether we are providing a complete network design and installation, remote or on-site service, support or general network solutions.

All our support agreements are customized to meet the needs of individual businesses. We do not provide generic agreements that charge you for things you will never need!

Operational SupportHardware Maintenance - VoiSpeed Pronto System Maintenance

Operational Support -

Operational support is designed to provide you with support to cover your day to day needs.

  • UNLIMITED telephone and remote support incidents
  • Inclusive support call outs* – (Usually charged at £65)
  • Standard office hours – 9.00AM -> 17.30PM
  • Emergency out of hours cover available
  • Operational maintenance of IT equipment. (Including Server(s), PC’s, hubs, routers and firewalls.)
  • Server maintenance – Support for Microsoft Exchange, Windows Small Business Server, AV software,
    Backup Software, etc..
  • Professional, experienced and dedicated support engineers on hand to help you every step of the way.

Example agreement – Operational support:

10 Workstations and a Windows Server 2012
Network Routers + Firewalls
Support for VPN
Unlimited Remote** / Telephone Support incidents
24 Site visits included for use with support issues that cannot be resolved by telephone or remotely.

Estimated £900 Per annul (Works out at ONLY £225 a quarter)

* – Call out allowance dependent on agreement.
** - Remote control software purchased separately.

Hardware Maintenance -

You get insurance for your house and cars now you can insure your computer equipment!
Hardware maintenance can protect your business critical machines against unforeseen hardware failures. For only 15% of the value of the machine you can protect your business against unplanned IT expenditures.

For example if the machine costs £1000, hardware maintenance would be only be a mere £150 per annul, which would cover the cost any hardware failures on the machine AND the labor costs involved with getting the new hardware installed and configured.

Lets put this into prospective. You have a file server worth over £2000 which has your businesses most important files stored on it(Which are priceless, without them your business may not even be able to function) What happens if your backup drive fails? What do you do?

Option 1) Purchase a new replacement tape drive at a cost of maybe £500-£700 PLUS the cost of having this new tape drive installed and configured to work with your current server?

Option 2) Ring Commercial Systems Consultants who have your server covered by hardware maintenance who will repair / replace the drive at no additional cost to you.

Which seems like the better option to you?

VoiSpeed Pronto System Maintenance

Although VoiSpeed pronto is very easy to maintain most users require security updates and technical support at some stage, we can only assist you with updates, telephone and email support if you have the maintenance plan on your VoiSpeed telephone system.

Benefits Include:

  • Maintenance of VoiSpeed system (Includes changes to the system, Eg’ new users)
  • Updates and new releases as they are available.
  • Telephone and Remote support
  • Training

These options are here to give you an idea of some of the services we can provide but if you have
any other requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

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